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Best WeTransfer alternatives to email big files

Several cloud services allow you to send large file sizes to recipients. One of such popular cloud services is WeTransfer.

WeTransfer is a cloud service that lets you email big files instantly to several recipients in real-time. With WeTransfer, you can send files up to 2 GB (file size limit for the free version), and 20 GB for the paid version to recipients without having an account with WeTransfer.

Established in 2009, WeTransfer became popular with users because of its large file size limit, which allows you to send large file sizes not possible to send using conventional email services.

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WeTransfer security issue with sent files

However, WeTransfer suffered security issues, which delivered sent files to the wrong recipients mid 2019. The cause of this security slip was not immediately known.

To solve the security issue, WeTransfer blocked all links to the affected files and also did a password reset for all of its account holders.

The security challenges experienced by WeTransfer led to the springing up of more WeTransfer alternatives that offer similar services to WeTransfer, but with more robust security features. One such alternative is Sprend that has been one of the pioneers of large file transfers. Other popularly used files sharing alternatives include Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Evernote, etc.

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Google Drive

Google Drive is accessible to all Google account users. Google gives access to 15 GB of cloud storage for users' file storage. Hence, all Google account holders can store and share photos, videos, documents, etc. with other users. With the paid version, users can access up to 25 GB of cloud storage space.

However, to use Google Drive services, users must have an account with Google. Therefore, you cannot enjoy free access to Google Drive services without creating an account with Google.

Microsoft OneDrive

Similar to Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive uses cloud computing to provide free storage space within the range of 5 GB to 5 TB for its users.

OneDrive allows users to store and share files such as photos, videos, music, documents, spreadsheets, etc. however, users must have a Microsoft account to access Microsoft OneDrive services.

Best WeTransfer alternatives to email big files


Sprend is one of the best WeTransfer alternatives. With Sprend, you can email big files instantly to several recipients (up to 100 recipients for Sprend Pro account users) without having an account with Sprend.

Advantages of using Sprend

To email big files instantly, and also sign up for a premium account with Sprend, visit

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