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SendThisFile – File transfer comparison

SendThisFile is a cloud service for online and free file transfer. With SendThisFile, you can send large files securely without worrying about safety because all files sent with SendThisFile are encrypted end-to-end with one of the best encryption technologies available.

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Similar to SendThisFile, Sprend is an alternative that also offers online and free file transfer services without having to sign up for an account.

Both SendThisFile and Sprend have similar features that make them a preferred means of sharing large file sizes. To help you decide the best file services, I will be making a comparison of features for both SendThisFile and Sprend.

Comparing SendThisFile with Sprend

Security and encryption

In terms of security, both SendThisFile and Sprend leave no stone unturned. Both uses high quality 256-bit encryption technology which is one of the best encryption technology available for secure online and free file transfer services.

User Interface and ease-of-use

SendThisFile has a more attractive interface with beautiful designs compared with Sprend. However, Sprend has more to offer in terms of use. Unlike SendThisFile, users do not have to navigate from the home page to send files.


Users do not need to download an app to access neither SendThisFile or Sprend services. Therefore, when it comes to accessibility, both SendThisFile and Sprend are accessible using any secure browser of choice.

Mobile responsiveness

Both SendThisFile and Sprend are mobile friendly and can adapt to any screen size. Therefore, users can access online and free file transfer services on-the-go from their mobile devices. Consequently, you do not need to be seated with a desktop device to enjoy both services.

Customer support services

Both SendThisFile and Sprend have customer support services with skilled customer support personnel to help clients resolve any issues instantly. Users can contact both SendThisFile and Sprend customer support via phone or email.

SendThisFile - File transfer comparison

Plans and Pricing

Free Plans

Both SendThisFile and Sprend have free plans that allow users to send large file sizes for free. However, users have to create an account with SendThisFile to use its free Plan. Unlike SendThisFile, Sprend users do not have to signup for an account with Sprend before using its free services.

Although, in terms of file sizes, users can use SendThisFile to send large and free online file transfers exceeding 2 GB. Unlike SendThisFile, Sprend users can only send large files not exceeding 2 GB for free.

Paid Plans

Both SendThisFile and Sprend offer users premium services through their paid plans.

SendThisFile Paid Plans

Unlike Sprend which has a single paid plan, SendThisFile offers users four different paid plans, the cheapest plan is the Starter Plan for home users, while the most expensive is the Enterprise Plan for large business owners.

Sprend's Paid Plans

Sprend’s Pro plan costs €70 per year (VAT excl), with four weeks of file access by recipients compared with a maximum of 2 weeks of file access offered by SendThisFile. Also, Sprend users can send files as heavy as 100 GB at once.

Conclusion SendThisFile vs Sprend

Both SendThisFile and Sprend are great for online and free file transfers. With Sprend, users can send files without creating an account, and also enjoy one of the cheapest plans with premium services.

Illustrations: Studio Lord