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Plans & Prices

Data center in Sweden Yes Yes
Send files up to 2 GB 20 GB
Storage time one week four weeks
Limit per month Ten transfers Many transfers
Recipients per transfer 1 100
Password protection Yes
Download notifications Yes
Sent-files history Yes
Contract length Prices, VAT exclusive
One year €0 €6 / month
One month €0 €9 / month
One day €0 €3.20 / day
Secure payments
Pay by card, invoice or e-invoice (SFTI Svefaktura, Peppol)
Customer support
+46‍ 10‍ 129‍ 29‍ 10

Team — For multiple users

If you are more than one, we recommend our Team account.

Price per member and year, VAT excl, is €72. Depending on the number of members we give a discount on the total amount.

3 members: 15% 5 members: 20% 10 members: 25% 25 members: 30%

To get started, contact us at +46‍ 10‍ 129‍ 29‍ 10 or, and let us know many accounts you need!


Works great! Also, it has never failed! I have used for many years ... The better the connection, the faster it goes. Can highly recommend!

Tobbe Andersson, Svenska Aero-Bilder AB
Very good Swedish alternative when you need to send files securely! Highly recommended.

Harpans Redovisning
Thank you very much. Was really taken by such kindness and having the opportunity to get in touch without a lot of problems ... Getting in touch with someone who will talk to you without any gain is not common.

Eva Högberg
It should be a pleasant and encouraging working environment, that’s when you develop and do well

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To be able to send multiple files is the most requested feature by our users. We have working on bringing it into Sprend. Until we are done you need to do the following: 1. Open Explorer or Finder. 2. Place the files you want to send into a folder. 3. Right-click on the folder, and then click "Send to / Compressed folder", or just "Compress". 4. A zip file is now created. 5. Drag the zip into Sprend.
1. Open the Photos app. 2. Click on "Select" in the top corner and choose on the photos you want to send. 3. Click on the Share button in the lower left corner. 4. Scroll down and click on "Save to Files". 5. Create a new folder for your photos, and then click on "Save". 6. Open the Files app. 7. Click and hold the folder you just created, to bring up the context menu. 8. Select "Compress" at the bottom of the menu. 9. Open Safari and go to Sprend. 10. Click on "Choose a file" and select "Browse". 11. Select the compressed (zip) file.
The iPhone wants to compress a video file selected from the Photo Library. The work-around is to first copy the file into the Files app. 1. Go to the Photos app and select the video. 2. Click on the Share button in the lower left corner. 3. Scroll down and click on "Save to Files". 3. Open Safari and go to 4. Click on "Choose a file" and select "Browse". 4. Select the video file.
We can upgrade your account to send even larger files. Please get in touch with us via phone or e-mail.
Yes they are. They are located in the Stockholm data center of the Swedish hosting company GleSYS AB.
Transfer any file easy
2300 paying users
Send file under 2 GB without account
More than 100 000 unique visitors per month
Send files securely
39% of sent files are zip files

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