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Sprend Development

Royal boat in Stockholm

This is what we are currently working on at Sprend. Beyond what's in progress there are sections about our planned development and a list of delivered features. The contents of this page is a mix between product features, business challenges and company milestones. Sprend is a small team of people working to create great things, together in the team, and together with you. One for all, and all for cake.

Last updated: 2023-12-20

In progress

Searching for investors: Sprend has been around since 2004 slowly building a base of happy users and satisfied customers. Now has come the time to seek external capital to realise the real potential in our product. We have so much to do, so many useful features to build, so much to offer.

Custom User Interface for receiving files: A lof of companies need not only send files but also receive. To support receiving files we will offer either or both of the following: 1) A web plugin (iframe) for adding Sprend to your own web page, 2) A custom page, e.g with your own background image and message prompt.

Future Features

EU based email sender: To support GDPR even better we will stop using our current US based email sender and instead use an EU based service, which in turn also must not use any US owned company for any part of their service.

Remove personal data from emails: We will allow our customers to remove personal data, like file names and file sizes, from emails sent by Sprend. This is a GDPR requirement for some companies.

Release History

We have a new logo: Everybody loves our new logo, and the icon version is even cooler with its double 3D perspective look (2024-02-23).

Tripled storage space: Our trusted datacenter company GleSYS tripled the server storage space 11 TB to 33 TB, without us lifting a finger (2024-01-02).

Our first newsletter: We have sent our first Newsletter ever, and that was a long time overdue. We did take our time to find and evaluate a great newsletter service with strict GDPR compliance, and we chose rapidmail in Freiburg (2023-12-06).

Create a link: We have made it possible to send a file without logging in. A link is created which you copy and then send yourself to the recipient.The fact is that 71% of parcels are sent by link, and only 28% are sent by email (2023-08-01).

Sprend Backpack (beta): With the Backpack feature your files will not expire. Sprend stores them until you remove them, and you can always send the files on to more people. Note that this feature is in beta, and only available to Pro users (2023-08-01).

Edit contents of started parcel (Pause, add and remove files, then continue): This update means a sender can pause the upload, add or remove files, and then continue the upload (2022-12-21).

Send folders in folders: Zipping your files before sprending them is no longer necessary. Just drop a folder onto the Sprend window and the whole contents will be transferred to the recipient, keeping the structure with folders in folders (2022-12-21).

Don’t send. Receive!: This new feature will allow you to receive files with all the Pro advantages enabled, like supporting bigger files, more of them, password protection, and longer storage time (2022-09-02).

Five times bigger parcels: We have increased the maximum parcel size from 20 GB to 100 GB. This is a big deal (2022-06-16).

First version of Sprend goes live: The first version of Sprend was called (2004).

We will add more release history here, maybe not all the way back to 2004, but at least a few years back.

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