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What you get with Sprend Teams

What makes us a great choice for your organisation? Here you'll find the necessary information on how Sprend Teams can make your work easier.

Sprend offers simplified sign-in and enhanced security by Single Sign-On (SSO) to bigger companies and organisations.

Sprend Teams pricing

Depending on how big your team is, you will get a discount for choosing to have a Sprend Team. We will send only one invoice for the whole team, instead of one invoice for every Pro account.

All together, this a more cost-effective choice for your organisation. Also your team administrator can easily add or remove coworkers to and from the team.

Price per member and year (VAT excl) €70
3 members + 15% discount
5 members + 20% discount
10 members + 25% discount
25 members + 30% discount
For large organisations Taylor-made solutions

Included features from the pro plan

Pro plan
Data center in Sweden Yes
Send files up to 100+ GB
Storage time Four weeks
Limit per month Unlimited number of transfers
Recipients per transfer 200
Password protection Yes
Download notifications Yes
Delete entries older than 90 days from the list of Sent Yes
Choose to send your file from your own mailbox Yes


For us it’s important to provide a service that is reliable. Sprend is constantly improving the service, while remaining a sturdy, simple and efficient help when you need to transfer your files.

Quality and stability

The Sprend file transfer service has more than 100 000 unique visitors per month, a metric we think speaks for itself.

Closeness to customers

Maintaining the spirit of the company, even the founder, from time to time, takes customer support calls. By answering customer calls and questions, we both feel close at hand, and moreover, happy to get feedback on what feature to work on next.

Serving files since 2004

We have served customers for more than 15 years and we know what we’re doing. Through all these years, without any marketing, we have proven to be a reliable option for transferring files. For us it’s important to deliver when the customer expects delivery.

“You started at such an early stage. Now there are so many options, but it’s hard to beat Sprend if you ask me” Olle Karlsson, OPTV.”

Easy to use

Sprend is easy and quick to use for all coworkers!

The webapp has all you need: just choose a file, add a recipient and send. This means that everyone can instantly get started without a steep learning curve. We have active support ready to help you.

“So, we send quite sensitive data, like for example construction designs, and we want to know where the data is at and so forth, and Sprend meets all of those requirements. It’s a very easy-to-use service, and it works very well for us. We did look at other options, but they were too complicated for our users.

As an administrator, I mostly keep track of the users, like when we need to add new ones and remove those who quit. So I don’t actually have that much work administrating. The users here are happy, and everything is functioning well.”

Jonas Borg, IT Support and Applications Engineer at Bruks Siwertell, and administrator for the company’s Sprend Teams since 2018.

Sprend offers Single-Sign On (SSO) for bigger companies.

Security and privacy

Every year millions of Megabytes are uploaded and sent through Sprend.

Security and privacy are cornerstones for Sprend that we’re taking to heart and mind while we’re building the product. We’re continuously improving and adding features to our service. Keeping the site updated and secure is key since we know that sensitive business information is sent with Sprend, and concerns about privacy and security are important for our customers.

“If we for example want to send protocols to union partners, or an investigation. If a department wants to communicate with social services, and in those messages there is personal data, then yes we use Sprend to send the report, encrypted with a password.” / Camilla Svaleklev, Personalchef VOB

Data stored in Sweden

Our servers are located in the Stockholm data center of the Swedish hosting company GleSYS AB. They are committed to making their business as sustainable as possible and have introduced a range of initiatives to minimize the long-term environmental impact. With their green data centers, they're a perfect choice for Sprend.

Encryption of files

You have the option to encrypt the files you’re sending with a password. This serves as another layer of security. Without the selected password, the file can’t be downloaded by the recipient.

More information about encryption can be found here:

Sending files compliant with GDPR

Sprend is GDPR compliant according to the standards set by the EU. It’s required by most of our users. We have features in place making it easy to check the history of files sent.

Read more about our security measures (Only in Swedish)

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We offer Swedish and English support via email and phone. With Sprend Teams you will have access to great customer service, making sure you can share your large files when needed.

In those rare moments, feel free to contact our customer support. Tanja, Karin, or Arne will be happy to help you. As the founder of the company, Arne has always and still keeps direct communication with customers. This gives him an insight into what is satisfactory and what should be further improved. The goal for us is always to be available when you need us.

Sprend as workplace

As we listen to customers, we also listen to our fellow coworkers.

The Sprend team consists of people who care about what they do. We value an environment in which the people who develop the service are heard and listened to. People are not easily replaceable for us and only in that way, we create a reliable service that will not be easily replaceable for you either.


Works great! Also, it has never failed! I have used for many years ... The better the connection, the faster it goes. Can highly recommend!

Tobbe Andersson, Svenska Aero-Bilder AB
Very good Swedish alternative when you need to send files securely! Highly recommended.

Harpans Redovisning
“I think it works really well, I use it to share big files that are too heavy to send with regular email. It’s pretty easy and fast, no fuss, no one has ever complained about the Sprend service, and some of the people who used the service are not at all computer experts. You do want to make it easy for yourself. And it's a good thing that you get a notice directly when the recipient has downloaded the content.”

Jonas Wahlström, Affärsområdeschef Projekt i Uppsala
It should be a pleasant and encouraging working environment, that’s when you develop and do well

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