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Sprend Pro

Green checkbox Much larger files (20 GB)

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Green checkbox Each file can have 100 recipients

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Prices, VAT excl:
12 months: €70
1 month: €9
1 day: €3.20

Send big files with Sprend

With Sprend, you can send big files – quick, easy and for free. Sprend’s service for transferring files makes it possible to send photos, videos, music, folders (zipped) or big documents, that are too big to send in an email.

How to send big files with Sprend

  1. Choose what you want to send by clicking Browse or Choose File.
  2. Enter the recipient’s email address, and write a message to the recipient if you like.
  3. Click on Sprend the file.
  4. Done!

When you have sent the file, the recipient will receive an email with a message saying they have a file to download on Sprend. The email also contains a link to the page where the recipient can download the transferred file. The recipient can in other words fetch the file with one single click. The transferred file is stored with Sprend for a week, and the recipient can download the file at any time during that period.

Benefits with Sprend

Send encrypted files or files larger than 2 GB

Sprend Pro is the alternative for you who want to send encrypted files, files larger than 2 GB or the same large file to more than one recipient. Sprend Pro is a safe service for transferring files with confidential or sensitive information.