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In order to send multiple files you need to create a compressed folder (zip-archive).

Place the files you want to send in a folder, right-click on the folder and choose "Send to compressed folder" or similar.

Now you should have a file named as the folder ending with ".zip". Send this file via Sprend.

You can password protect a file (requires Sprend Pro) meaning the recipient must enter the password you choose in order to download the file.

The password should be a minimum of 8 characters and must be shared with the recipient in some way, for example in a separate e-mail.

When a file is password protected it is stored encrypted and if the password is lost the file cannot be recovered.

You can choose to save file passwords by checking "Store file passwords" in your settings. The password will then be displayed in the "Sent files" listing.

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You are currently using the free version of Sprend without being registered. This means the recipient will not see who is sending the file unless you tell him or her in the message field.

If you upgrade to a paid Sprend Pro account you will get access to more features that may improve your presence and the recipient experience.